• Yenny Karlina Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional



slang, e-commerce, livestream, shopping, word forms


Livestream shopping in Indonesia has recently been booming in various online applications, such as e-
commerce platforms and social media. It allowed buyers to communicate directly with sellers by texting in
the live chat room. Not surprisingly, the sellers and buyers had their own words. This research identified
the slang word forms in livestream shopping communication. It aims at proving the linguistic phenomenon
in livestream shopping. The research method was descriptive qualitative with the intralingual equivalent
analysis. The data were slang words in the livestream chat room at two e-commerce stores in Shopee:
Uptofemaale and Cosmo Butik. The data was taken by observing with a note-taking technique completed
with screen captures. This research comprehensively analyzed slang word forms based on the word
formation process. The data analysis revealed six slang word forms of livestream shopping communication.
The forms were borrowing (fix, payment, give away, review, random, link, etc.), acronymization (co, cod,
wl, ss, ssd, bkk, PHP, etc.), coinage (jembreng, jemuran, ngenyoi, jambul, sirup, umpak, etc.), blending
(setcel, setlong, talpan, talpen, freeong, ongkir, kulas, etc.); clipping (cardi, ori, sintek, ara, etc.), and
conversion (dipayment). The result also highlighted that slang words might create a more relaxed and
friendly atmosphere, which could help to build rapport between sellers and shoppers. It confirmed that
language evolves to meet the needs of its users as a part of modern shopping life. In short, the investigation
of slang word forms in livestream shopping communication sheds light on the unique linguistic
characteristics of the emerging form of e-commerce and promotes the richness and diversity of language.



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Karlina, Y. (2023). INVESTIGATION OF SLANG WORD FORMS IN LIVESTREAM SHOPPING COMMUNICATION. Kongres Internasional Masyarakat Linguistik Indonesia, 2023, 282–294.